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The Hydraulic System Of The NC Lathe

Published on:2018-8-6 16:48:29   Reading:times

The Hydraulic System Of The NC Lathe


The hydraulic power station part of the NC lathe can be placed behind the machine as a module. The NC lathe needs to maintain the guide rail regularly. In the large batch processing of the top of the tail seat, the top system of the hydraulic tail seat can be added to make it another operable module and share the same hydraulic power system.


In the NC machining, The numerical control system first sends out the parking signal when the program runs to the need for variable speed state,then the program sends out the control signal to make the hydraulic pump start and supply oil. At the same time, the electromagnetic valve of the hydraulic system draws in according to the control signal, supplies oil to the variable speed cylinder, causes the piston rod to extend or return, and pushes the fork to make the gear into the gear. The cam touches the fretting switch and the feedback signal to the CNC system when the gear moves in place, , then the transmission ends, and the program continues to run down to execute the work piece.


The spindle speed changing module is installed on the spindle box, which is composed of a bracket, an oil cylinder, an oil pipe and a micro switch. The length and width of the bracket are the same as the size of the top of the spindle box. The whole spindle speed change module is installed on the main shaft box to install the four screw holes for the cover plate, and the positioning pin holes are added to make the positioning of the module. The middle part of the bracket is supported by a baffle. The variable speed oil cylinder is fixed on the partition board and is located on the top of the gear shaft to control sliding. The cylinder piston rod is located in the guide shaft and is connected with the shift fork through the pin shaft; the speed shifting fork is mounted on the guide shaft and can move back and forth along the guide shaft under the drive of the piston rod; The shaft is hollow and opens a guide slot so that the piston rod is connected with the shift fork and the guide shaft is fixed on the bracket by the pin shaft; the two gear shifting forks are all downward vertical structures, respectively, in the corresponding slipping grooves of the corresponding slip gear.

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