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CNC computer gongs processing how to add the four or five axis

Published on:2018-6-19 22:38:19   Reading:times

  CNC computer gongs processing how to add the four or five axis

  CNC computer gong is a typical mechanical processing equipment with high and new technology in one. Its development represents the level of a country's manufacturing industry, which has been highly valued both at home and abroad.

Compared with the general CNC machine tools, the CNC computer gong has the following outstanding characteristics:

1, all closed protection all CNC machining gongs have protective doors. When processing, the protective doors will be closed, which can be used to prevent personal injury accidents.

2, process centralization, processing connecting the CNC computer gong usually has multiple feed axes (three axes above), and even a number of spindles. The number of axes of the linkage is also very many, such as three axis linkage, five axis linkage, and seven axis linkage, so it is able to finish the processing of multiple planes and multi view points actively, and finish the high precision of the disorderly parts. Degree processing. On the CNC computer gong, it can finish milling, boring, drilling, expanding, hinging and tapping.

3, with the use of multiple tools and tools, the tool is actively exchanged with the CNC computer gongs with a knife library and an active tool changer. Before processing, the tools needed are first loaded into the tool library, and the tools can be replaced by the program control in the process of processing.

4, using a number of worktable, the work table actively exchange CNC computer gong processing if the active communication worktable, can complete one worktable in the processing, another worktable complete the work of the workpiece, and then greatly shorten the auxiliary time, improve the processing power.

5, powerful function, trend compound processing CNC computer gong processing can be compound turning function, grinding function and so on, such as circular worktable can drive workpiece high speed rotation, tool only do main movement without feed, complete similar turning processing, this makes CNC computer gong have more extensive processing scale

6. High active, high precision, high power CNC computer gong's spindle speed, feed speed and rapid positioning precision are high. It can select the cutting parameters reasonably, fully show cutting performance of the cutting tool, cut the cutting time, and the whole processing process is connected. All kinds of auxiliary works are fast, the degree of initiative is high, and the assistant is reduced. Action time and downtime, therefore, the production power of CNC computer gong is very high.

7, high investment due to the high degree of intelligent CNC computer gong, structural messy, powerful function, so the CNC computer gong and peacetime maintenance and maintenance costs are much higher than the general machine tools.

8, under the appropriate conditions, the best performance of performance is to show the director of CNC machine tools in the process of application, which can fully reflect the benefits, which is very important to the rational use of CNC computer gongs.

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