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Anti - corrosion Analysis of Aluminum Profiles

Published on:2017-6-10 22:06:06   Reading:times

Anti - corrosion Analysis of Aluminum Profiles

In general, aluminum products after the corrosion of aluminum products in a variety of forms.
There is a metal on the tip of the needle formed by the point of corrosion, galvanic corrosion is when the aluminum and other metal contact, the aluminum in the anode state will accelerate corrosion.
Corrosion that exists in the gap causes the corrosion of the gap to accelerate by ten times or more even by the difference between the inflated battery.
Due to heat treatment is not perfect causes of non-prosperous crystal within the pure aluminum corrosion is also a common problem
Morphology of the film under the film corrosion, the formation of filamentous fungus corrosive development, so that the loss of aluminum surface material luster, powder, so that the mechanical properties of aluminum decreased.
Several different corrosive forms.
A little corrosion is also the corrosion of the hole shape, the shape of the metal tip of the corrosion, point-like, corroded corrosion of the hole is only local corrosion. Aluminum in the atmosphere, fresh water and neutral solution of water quality, will accelerate the corrosion of the time, even worse is the formation of perforations.
The corrosion hole may eventually cease to develop, and the corrosion energy is at a limit value. Point corrosion is a unique form of the anodic reaction and is an autocatalytic process.
Electricity of the dual number of corrosion is the corrosion characteristics of aluminum, aluminum natural potential is negative, when the aluminum products and other metal contact, the aluminum products will always be in the extreme anode This will only accelerate the corrosion time of aluminum products more Times
The corrosion of the two metals, the severity of its corrosion is determined by the relative position of the two metal electrical orders.
Corrosion within the gap is due to the role of differentiated battery, resulting in accelerated corrosion within the gap, but outside the gap will not have much impact, the gap between the corrosion and alloy type is not.
Aluminum alloy is very resistant to corrosion, but even aluminum alloy will have crevice corrosion situation. In recent years, the mechanism of crevice corrosion has been more in-depth study, the top acidic state is the original ability of corrosion.
Intergranular corrosion refers to pure aluminum is not prosperous intergranular corrosion, this pure aluminum corrosion is also a common problem, alloying elements or intermetallic compounds precipitated along the grain boundary, relative to the grain is composed of anodized corrosion of the battery, causing intergranular Corrosion accelerated.
Morphology of the film under the film corrosion, filamentous fungus morphology of the corrosion development, oxide film can also be applied to the film, you can also make other layers, generally not in the polar state of the anodic oxide film below.

Aluminum products after processing, aluminum surface oxide layer will not fade, will not fall off, easy maintenance, superior aluminum corrosion resistance, can withstand long-term erosion of marine climate, to meet the wind pressure requirements at the same time, do not change color , No corrosion.

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