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Cnc hand plate model making basic knowledge

Published on:2017-6-9 22:55:48   Reading:times

Cnc hand plate model making basic knowledge

Cnc Shouban model the need for the production:
In order to test the design;
2. Test structural design;
3. To avoid the risk of direct open mold;
4. make the product available time greatly ahead of time
What is Shouban?
Shouban is also called the first board, rapid prototyping or mockup, etc., in the designer to complete the product design without opening the mold, according to the appearance of the product or structural drawings to make one or several with the real product used to check the appearance, structural rationality or For the market research samples, which is Shouban.
Cnc hand plate model making process:
Shouban - with physical performance design, so that the design more intuitive, is the use of creative technology, innovative products! No matter how advanced the machine equipment, hand plate is always inseparable from the fine manual processing; advanced software can simulate a very realistic product map, but the Shouban is not a simulation, but the true performance of the design. Any defects and flaws can be in the early stages of product development to make up and improve the product before the mold has a mature design, reduce the risk of product development.
The role of the production of new products Shouban mainly the following:
(A) so that the design of the product more intuitive to show in front of the designer, easy to find the design of the shortcomings and shortcomings, extend the designer's vision;
(B) to facilitate the engineers found in the product structure of the existing engineering, process problems, propose solutions to optimize the product structure and function;
(C) open template can also be used as a reference mold production, mold manufacturing more accurate, faster, shorten the development cycle for the product to seize the market to win the initiative;
(D) can be used as exhibitions, trade fair exhibits, save the development costs of enterprises.
Cnc hand plate model production process:
1) CNC machining can be processed relatively high precision product samples, the application of materials are mainly ABS, PC, PP, aluminum, etc., in the production of fixture and other products commonly used bakelite and aluminum alloy;
2) Vacuum overlay
Vacuum Covers out of the product model has a certain rate of shrinking, vacuum-molded products like the cost of the general will be relatively low CNC, CNC processing of multiple sets of models than the price of CNC machining 1 set after the vacuum cover price is low (Except for those with special requirements for the mold)
There can be two uses for vacuum overlaying:
A) to produce small quantities of product samples;
B) to change the material; can be gypsum oil sculpture model by changing the mold to change, to easily follow-up processing of PU or POLY material, or ABS material can be changed to a special requirements of the material (such as: transparent, high temperature Of high strength, or rubber properties, etc.).
3) Surface treatment

After years of accumulation, our handling of the hand plate has a very rich and comprehensive process, including painting (light, matt, metal paint, rubber paint, pearl paint, etc.), sandblasting, polishing, plating (vacuum plating ), Bronzing and so on.

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