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What are the bad operations that affect the tool?

Published on:2017-6-9 22:53:13   Reading:times

What are the bad operations that affect the tool?

  It is understood that the current machine tool industry is facing a more serious situation, over the years the explosive growth will not continue, the slowdown in market demand growth, improve quality and the pursuit of content growth is China's CNC parts processing process of a process, Forcing the machine tool business to always worry about the heart, thinking about the countermeasures and put into action. China's machine tool industry, the era of change has come, industrial restructuring and upgrading of the product is imperative to take the scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, and vigorously improve the competitiveness of high-end CNC machine tool market is the core task of the Chinese machine tool industry.
  Machining The machining of parts is done automatically according to the pre-programmed procedure. In addition to operating the keyboard, loading and unloading the workpiece, conducting the intermediate process of the key process and observing the running of the lathe, the operator does not need to repeat the manual operation, labor intensity And the degree of tension can be greatly reduced. In addition, CNC lathe processing generally have better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication and other devices.
  In order to realize the high speed machining of CNC and various parts, the machine tool needs the following requirements: First, because the CNC CNC lathe machining mold is developing in the direction of large scale, the working table of the machine tool must be able to bear enough mass; In order to adapt to the mold processing, the radius of the tool should be less than the minimum circumferential radius, because the tool diameter is small, it requires the spindle speed of the machine tool to be very high; third, in order to achieve the mold 3d Surface of the high-precision, high speed and high stability of the processing, the machine will need multi-axis linkage, but also have a good cutting capacity
  For mold machining in all high-speed applications, attention must also have some farther consideration. For example, it must be borne in mind that the high-speed spindle increases the cutting speed while increasing the feed rate. This allows the small diameter tool to be used both for roughing and for finishing, to achieve the same or better productivity at the same time, while agreeing to get the final shape with closer approximation. Based on the selection of the correct arbor design, tool balance is also important for preventing excessive vibration and consequent tool beating that can adversely affect tool life, surface finish, dimensional accuracy, and even spindle life.
  The opening of the machining is the use of the top of the adjustment bolts clockwise twist, so that the spring shrinkage of the elastic force, so that the guide valve diaphragm down, the role of the guide valve on the force, so that the downward displacement guide valve. When the pilot valve is opened, the upstream steam into the steam pipe section a cavity through the α channel (for the steam regulation channel), through the pilot valve into the pilot valve annular chamber, from the β channel directly to the lower piston cylinder chamber.

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